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Motor Insurance from group 5 to group 12?

I'm currently paying 30 per month for my group 5 car insurance but I've been offered a car that's group 12. I can't get a quote until I know all the details of the car, but don't want to look too interested until I know about the insurance. anyone give me an idea please?
I might suggest you to visit this internet site where you can compare quotes from different companies:
What's the acceptance period to fall one car insurance carrier a get another 1?
My auto insurance restarts September 24 I spend more for that program that is 4month a desire to move. To a insurance company

Howmuch may my insurance be on a monthly basis?
I am 19 years of age. I reside in Lufkin, Texas, USA. I create around $ 24. I have credit that is good and that I am going to obtain a 2005 Honda Civic Car, 2 Door. The dealership says I have to have full-coverage insurance on my new-car, about just how much am I considering monthly?"

Do insurance firms possess does it cost to insure one and a unique group for rock robots?
I do want to obtain the only cause I'd likely insure it is just-so I really could generate it about the neighborhood ocassionally much less an everyday driver that wouldnt be to smart depends though as well as a rock crawler

"In Nevada, have you got to have motor insurance so that you can push? Is it required.?
Have you got to possess auto insurance to truly have a certificate?

"What is the lowest priced auto-insurance business in the domain of New Brunswick? HELP!?
I have a brand new vehicle - 2007 Nissan Versa

Car-insurance at parents hired or handle?
I'm presently down on a rental property contract at my boyfriends rented residence, however he is the top tenant and that I am down to be in the home, I still live with my parents and am there 50% of the time and my drivers license, finance info, bank promises and the rest get there, nonetheless I am unsure if I am registered at my parents and men, that I think I'm because my mom still places me down about the electoral ballot. I want to use my parents handle as my handle that is authorized nonetheless it demands where the vehicle is going to be stored overnight, and there's not just one fixed area, the insurance is cheaper if my parents are used by me and it truly is not 100pound less if I use my men. Can anybody suggest me about what tackle to-do? As I am at both addresses different times of the week. Thanks"

Insurance... please support?
Someone I know is currently working as an employee at a small business and is 76 yrs old. Can the master of the little business get insurance to include him? Or even, any other strategies?"

Spending for motor insurance?
I-drive a '97 Ford Escort, almost 45. I am 21. I've had one ticket (when I was 16 and that I got a diversion on that citation, and so I did not need to pay nor report it to my insurance). I spend $956 every a few months for full-protection. Anyone believe this can be sensible or can I have a look at other prices?"

"Can I add my insurance and my partner's vehicle together, rather then continue her own coverage?"
My wife and that I recently committed, and it's time on her behalf to renew her insurance. Her history that is driving is not excellent, consequently her charges happen to be quite high. Being that weare married, can I simply add her car to my own personal policy to cut costs, or will she must have the insurance in her own label??"

Howmuch is 21 century automobile insurance?
Howmuch is 21 century car insurance?

Car insurance to get a youngster?
Hello, I'm not 16 years young searching for my vehicle. I am seeking a diesel auto therefore I can make it run using vegetable oil. Though the vehicle I am needing is just a volkswagon TDI. Which represents turbocharged direct injection. And that I recognize turbochargers influence your insurance tremendou




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